SMART STAKING 44% APY Truly Trustless

Keep your Chorizo in your Metamask wallet and still get up to 44% APY. No need to deposit anything!


UNIQUE NFTs Free Mint For Chorizo Holders

Simply hold Chorizo in your Metamask wallet and you are qualified for the legendary NFT mint!


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Every month we organize a free giveaway of Chorizo on Twitter. Join to be at the receiving end!


The Most Trusted Decentralized Exchange

The total supply of Chorizo (69 Trillion) was deposited in a Uniswap liquidity pool. Without any limitations and using the most secure protocols.

No Limits

No transaction limits imposed on Chorizo token transfers. Total freedom.

No Honeypot

No honeypot or similar mechanism that impact your investments. In

No Taxes

No liquidity taxes, dividend taxes nor wallet taxes risking ROI.

Safe Liquidity

Our partner Uniswap guarantees a safe trading environment. Chorizo took

CHORIZO REWARDS Trustless Smart Staking

We introduce Chorizo Smart Staking! A truly unique way to get rewards. Completely trustless, as you don’t have to deposit your Chorizo. Keep your tokens in your Metamask wallet and still earn daily rewards! Cryptocurrency