Introducing The Chorizo Chronicles NFT Collection

Unleash the Flavor of Digital Collectibles

The sizzle of excitement is in the air as the Chorizo NFTs prepare to make their grand entrance into the digital art world. With 69 trillion tokens created and deposited in a Uniswap liquidity pool, the Chorizo token has skyrocketed in value, witnessing a remarkable 30x increase since its inception.


Building upon the success of the Chorizo Token launch, the Chorizo team has crafted 10,000 exquisite NFTs, each a unique masterpiece capturing the essence of this beloved culinary delight. The minting of these NFTs is just around the corner, eagerly awaited by collectors and enthusiasts alike.

Chorizo Ambassadors

As a token of appreciation, those who mint the NFTs during the launch will earn the prestigious title of NFT Ambassador. These esteemed individuals will not only possess a rare and valuable collectible but also benefit from a 5% royalty commission on future sales of their NFTs. It’s an opportunity for early supporters to be forever intertwined with the success of Chorizo NFTs.


But the Chorizo NFTs offer much more than just aesthetic appeal. Owners of these NFTs will be welcomed into the immersive online platform Chorizoverse. Here, NFT holders can stake their prized possessions and unlock a world of rewards. The introduction of smart staking has paved the way for a staggering 44% Annual Percentage Yield (APY), allowing Chorizo NFT owners to earn passive income while showcasing their treasures.


Discord members will receive substantial discounts (up to 25%) based on their order of minting and Discord ranking. Inviting friends to join our Discord server can even earn you a free NFT! Click the button below to join our Discord.

Mint Day

The countdown has begun for the much-anticipated minting event of Chorizo Chronicles NFT Collection. Prepare to dive into the Chorizoverse, stake your NFTs, and relish the rewards that await you. Be a part of this groundbreaking movement where art, community, and financial opportunities intertwine. Join the Chorizo revolution and savor the flavor of digital collectibles like never before. Click on the button below on August 15, 2023.